Validation that PEAK CENTRAL’S system of achieving tenancies’ for rental properties under our Management gets exceptional results


Validation that PEAK CENTRAL’S system of achieving tenancies’ for rental properties under our Management gets exceptional results
I’ve mentioned several times in past newsletters and on our website that the system developed by our Property Management Division has been remarkably effective in achieving tenancies for the rental properties that we manage.
We were rewarded recently with proof of our Property Management department’s effectiveness when PEAK CENTRAL were presented an award by REIWA for, ‘Property Management Award for the Lowest Number of Days on the Market for Residential Properties Leased During 2018/19’ The award was presented before 700 people at REIWA’s annual presentation evening for top performers, held on August 24 at Crown Perth.
As a team we are delighted to have the opportunity to justify our claims, that what we have instigated is significant and absolutely differentiates us from other agencies. We would also like to add that our vacancy rate at the end of August was just 1.22% well below the 2.7% Perth average vacancy rate.
We do not like to see our Client’s property vacant so we see it imperative that these properties have a quality tenant in them in the shortest possible timeframe. In turn this translates into better returns for our Landlords which is our aim because it is important to us that such a substantial investment yields good returns - or to put it simply: people will cease to treat property as a good investment if they can’t find a good manager!
Our Property Managers are fiercely pro-active in showing prospective tenants through a property as soon as possible as well as hastily processing applications, whilst still conducting thorough background checks to ensure the tenant’s suitability for the property.
Background checks, I should add, are all important because the last thing you want is a tenant with a bad history.
Occasionally a tenant applicant may decide a particular property is not for them. These contacts are never wasted, because we make a point of identifying exactly what they’re seeking and if we have another property vacant that might suit them, we avoid wasting the contact by quickly showing them an alternative property. We have a wonderful team of Property Managers that work together as a team to get the job done.
The key point is that if the prospective quality tenant has already been background checked, our aim is not to lose them. They’re gold!  Our incredible team are geared up with our systems in place to ensure that when a property does become vacant, they can re-let as quickly as possible without compromise – so thanks team it’s this attitude that has enabled PEAK CENTRAL to win the award.
So to add one further point: If you’re interested in a super low vacancy rate for your property, do feel welcome to contact us on 9414 9055.

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