Red Balloon Day


In Light of the recent fires in the City of Cockburn and the fires in February 2014 that put properties and lives of residents on the line, we thought it was a good idea to highlight the recent Red balloon Day.

On February 28, the date chosen for honouring and thanking Australia’s fire fighters via the National Red Balloon Day, our team placed the red balloons at their home opens, on their bus stop signs and their own homes.

We think the event is definitely worthy of continuing support in future years as Red Balloon Day aims to demonstrate appreciation of the great contribution that volunteer firefighters make to the community in keeping lives and property safe.

The idea of National Red Balloon Day is to fly a ‘Thank you Firey’s’ balloon on February 28, the day chosen because it is officially the last day of summer.

Funds raised from the sale of the balloons and other merchandise go to raising money for the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades WA Inc.
red-balloon-day-1-first-national-peak-central.jpg red-balloon-day-2-first-national-peak-central.jpg red-balloon-day-3-first-national-peak-central.jpg red-balloon-day-4-first-national-peak-central.jpg